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Musical Theatre Review at the Two Brewers

Musical Theatre Review came to see my Looking For Me Friend show at the Two Brewers and wrote:

“If you are a fan of Wood, or simply feel the need for some uplifting, live entertainment, then this is a must-see.”

“Paulus masters the often complex phrasing without losing the humour in each song.”

“Gales of laughter from fans in the audience, but it is through Paulus’ interpretation of Wood’s songs that he genuinely touches a nerve.”

“Paulus masters the often complex phrasing without losing the humour in each song.”

Read the full review here.

Keep an eye on the Looking For Me Friend page for more post-lockdown performances of the show.


Paulus chats to Dusty Limits

In the first ever episode of his new podcast, Dusty’s Hideaway, I chat with my friend, the inimitable Dusty Limits. We talk about how I discovered my love of performing, my totally understandable desired superpower, and my mad passion for Denby Pottery.

Thrifty Thoughts from Ringmaster Paulus

My jacket is a walking time capsule of my own history. Reflections on the meaning of sustainability and thrifty thoughts from Ringmaster Paulus.

At this time of year, my life is normally peppered with appearances as my badge-loving Ringmaster Emcee at events like the Festival of Thrift. Instead, overnight thousands of pounds worth of work was cancelled, and I had to find something I could do from home that might bring in an income. Such is the life of a self-employed creative!

Read the full article in the Digital Edition of the Festival of Thrift.



What Is Cabaret?

The Cabaret Geek explains ‘What Is Cabaret?’ in one minute…