Paulus chats to Dusty Limits

In the first ever episode of his new podcast, Dusty’s Hideaway, I chat with my friend, the inimitable Dusty Limits. We talk about how I discovered my love of performing, my totally understandable desired superpower, and my mad passion for Denby Pottery.

Thrifty Thoughts from Ringmaster Paulus

My jacket is a walking time capsule of my own history. Reflections on the meaning of sustainability and thrifty thoughts from Ringmaster Paulus.

At this time of year, my life is normally peppered with appearances as my badge-loving Ringmaster Emcee at events like the Festival of Thrift. Instead, overnight thousands of pounds worth of work was cancelled, and I had to find something I could do from home that might bring in an income. Such is the life of a self-employed creative!

Read the full article in the Digital Edition of the Festival of Thrift.



What Is Cabaret?

The Cabaret Geek explains ‘What Is Cabaret?’ in one minute…

Peta Lily – The Art of Being a Clown

In our final episode of the series we meet performer, theatre maker and workshop leader Peta Lily. We delve straight into the blood and guts of physical theatre, what is clowning and how relevant it is to performing. We ask what is a dark clown and dip our toe into what is next for the arts post lockdown.

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Paulus marks 100th anniversary of Dreamland

Cabaret ‘Queen’ Paulus and 28 teddies mark 100th anniversary of Dreamland and the Scenic Railway.

The event was due to have been marked with a series of large-scale events, new art commissions and festival fun . But 2020 has been a year blighted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Events everywhere have been cancelled, large gatherings are banned and social distancing measures in place to halt the transmission of the virus mean opening the amusement park is just not viable.

So, instead of the planned party alternative queen All Together Now TV personality and cabaret performer Paulus declared the 100th birthday before the Scenic set off along the track with 28 giant teddies onboard.

Paulus has been a regular Dreamland visitor since staying with his nan in Margate as a small boy. Later years saw visits with friends as a teen and last year Paulus was part of the Pride celebrations at the park.

Paulus said: “It really is a great story for the Scenic which has survived three fires and a world war and I am sure Dreamland will survive through this.”

Read more in the The Isle of Thanet News and KentOnline.

Naomi Paxton – The Art of Protest

Paulus and Emily step back in time with theatre historian Naomi Paxton. We discover how the suffragette movement incorporated the arts into their fight for women’s rights, and how the arts and politics are closely linked. Plus who knew jiujitsu had an important role to play in votes for women!

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