#TBT Shades of Gay

#TBT to when I shared stories with the Shades of Gay podcast from my love for modern stained glass cathedrals to being flipped by a Beefeater!

Diane Spencer – The Art of Comedy

Recorded in a time when we could all be in the same room and Paulus could snort in laughter. Meet Diane Spencer comedian and possible seamstress. We find out what an artist does when they also have a creative hobby.

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Who Killed Kenny?!

No, I’m not joining the cast of South Park, though I’d definitely make a great Big Gay Al…it’s more awesomeness from photographer Steve UIlathorne and my official Looking For Me Friend photo shoot, taken back in February.


Paulus and Emily – The Art of Isolation

Recorded just after the theatres were closed, Paulus and Emily learn a little more about each other, discuss burlesque, producing, running an agency and yoga. They also find out what you, our lovely audience, have been up to in isolation. As well as giving a shout out to the artists who are offering free entertainment and classes online.

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Stormina Teacup – The Art of Education

Recorded back in January on a lovely winter’s day, Emily and Paulus sat down with Stormina Teacup, primary school teacher by day and cabaret stage manager by night. We discover what Stormina loves about her school’s music teacher, how she has been included in an exhibition by Steve McQueen, how the arts are taught at her school (we’d love to hear from other teachers), and we continue our quest to find the difference between a stage manager and a stage kitten.

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