Paulus joined The New Wolsey Theatre podcast for a chat about his fabulous new show ‘Looking For Me Friend‘.

Listen to it here:

“The show, with 5 star reviews, is dedicated to legendary Victoria Wood with more than 20 of her songs from her incredible repertoire.

Paulus talks about his life long adoration for Vic, as he calls her. He never met her, although nearly did, and – well,… you can listen to the story – he tells it better than us!

Chatting from his home in London, and in the company of his cat, Paulus talks about the show in detail; what fans can expect, and how he and his colleague, have developed a perfect stage moment which captures so much of her talented songs and work….. Yes they’ll be some of her much loved characters in there.

Looking For Me Friend is no tacky copy-cat act, Paulus lets loose the show’s content through his own personality and style – and the combination of his humour and addictive delivery makes this show a stand-out – for everyone to enjoy – you definitely don’t need to know about Victoria Wood to see this show – but we guess you will know an awful lot about her, and the awesome Paulus, when it’s over!

★★★★ ‘If you are a fan of Wood, or simply feel the need for some uplifting, live entertainment, then this is a must see.’”

Musical Theatre Review

Thank you Paulus for a perfect 20 minutes of your time!

Book Looking For Me Friend at the New Wolsey Theatre here (7 March 2023):
See the whole tour here. (Runs across the UK till 20 May 2023)”