For many fans of the late, great Victoria Wood, there is one sketch that stands – or perhaps I should say totters – above all others, and that is the one widely known as TWO SOUPS.

This unforgettable few minutes sees an infuriated Duncan Preston & Celia Imrie, who are in a rush to catch their train having to deal with Julie Walters’ ancient waitress in a old-fashioned English restaurant. In reality, Celia & Duncan are – if you look very closely – trying their best not to laugh as Julie sails towards them infinitesimally slowly, bow-legged and equipped with hearing aid, oblivious to their rush.

Legend has it that Julie was having lunch with Victoria when they both experienced the inspiration for the sketch in real life, and weeks later she was recording her interpretation of it!

But, that is not my favourite Victoria Wood sketch – possibly because it does not have Victoria in it, possibly because I am a contrary thing and have never felt the need to follow the crowd. No, my favourite Victoria Wood sketch also sees us in an old-fashioned English restaurant and also features a barmy waitress – this time played by Victoria herself – and it is entitled IS IT ON THE TROLLEY?

Victoria’s unnamed waitress seems to have been put in charge of the ‘sweet trolley’ because it’s all she can be held responsible for. She’s pretty keen on this trolley, and there’s little the two men dining can do to dissuade her from offering ‘anything on the trolley’! Maybe an excerpt will help…

Just coffee for me too, please.”
“Coffees what? Have you seen it? Have you seen it on the trolley?”
“Just two coffees, no sweet.”
“Just two coffees, no sweet?”
“That’s it.”
“Have you seen it on the trolley?”
“Yes, thank you.”
“Is it a sorbet?”
“Just two coffees, thank you.”
“Can you point at it?”

And so it goes on – Buzzfeed have created a handy little list – as they do – of their favourite 13 things from Vic to make you giggle – give it a look:

It’s no wonder she won so many awards – not least of all an MBE!